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Dirty Kettle Dirty Kettle has been offering school presentations since 1996. He has captured the interest of children throughout the state of Wisconsin and as far away as West Virginia and Ohio.

If you are interested in having Dirty Kettle set up his teepee for your school, please contact him at (920) 470-4619 to set a date. There is a nominal fee of $300-$650 for his visit, depending on how much time he spends at the school. The Dirty Kettle presentations are typically scheduled for 1 1/2 days and each class visits the teepee for 50 minutes. On the evening of the visit, students and their families are invited to join Dirty Kettle for a night of story telling and Native American music. The evening event is a special time for children to share what they've learned with parents, siblings, and grandparents. All who attend are invited to sit in the teepee, drum on the traditional drums, dance to the Native music, and roast marshmallows over the campfire.
My class and I were talking about their 4th grade experience and your name kept coming up. It amazes me how much the kids remember of what you said and shared...I had some students sitting on the floor as they were reading their books. One turned to the
other and said how much nicer it would be if they had your bed to sit on. See what wonderful memories you have given us." - Diane Millard, Hillcrest School

I wanted to thank you for working with the kids at Hillcrest. Every time I see you with them I am amazed at your ability to interact with young children. You have a real gift. When you couple that with your wonderful knowledge, they have an experience we cannot begin to match in our classrooms." - Rhonda Schum, Hillcrest School

I want to again express my thanks to you for the two days of educational enrichment you provided to the students, staff and community members of John Hustis Elementary School. You should be aware the feedback was extremely positive and complimentary.
Your upbeat commitment to education and sharing the cultural heritage of this country is admirable." - Christopher S. Joch, John Hustis Elementary
On behalf of the Rock River Archeological Society I wish to thank you for your outstanding presentation. It was one of the best programs we have had. Your interest in the past and enthusiasm in sharing your knowledge and collection are of great benefit to all in attendance." - Bonnie Katzman, Rock River Archeological Society

Very very very positive!  Thank you so much, I’ve heard nothing but positive, they very much enjoyed your artifacts, the way you presented and the knowledge you shared with them!  I’m so happy we had such a good turn out as well!!!  I will highly recommend you to others!" - Lina Granzin,  Alexian Brothers

"Dirty Kettle"
Herb Heck  -  920-474-4619  -  heckdirtykettle@aol.com

Dirty Kettle