Dirty Kettle
Dirty Kettle  

Welcome. Or, as the Native Americans say, Hash-a-Tay.


Dirty Kettle  

Step back in time to the days of fur traders and Native Americans with a special presentation to your school, scout troop, or civic group by Dirty Kettle.

History comes alive during this hands-on presentation of Native American life during the 1800-1850 period.  You'll learn the ways and traditions of the Plains Indians and the Mountain Men who lived among them.

In true Native American tradition, you will be the honored guests of Dirty Kettle, a mountain man who has come west to take advantage of the fur trade. Dirty Kettle invites you into his home, a 16 foot teepee that replicates one used by the Cheyenne Plains Indians in the early 1800's.


Upcoming Events
  INDIAN SUMMER - Sept 30th, Oct 1st and 2nd, 2016
At the Ashippun Town Hall

Music in the Park - June 13th, 2016



"Dirty Kettle"
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Dirty Kettle